Is 'Big Pharma' Trying To Silence Hollywood Doctors Over a New Pill That "Cures" High Blood Pressure?


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"We've finally discovered the simple secret for promoting normal high blood pressure levels and we will not be silenced!" - Hollywood Doctors


Big Hollywood has come out swinging!. This week They announced that in a clinical trial of 1,864 patients with hypertension, he cured 97.6% of them. "An impending medical and economic issue plaguing America is finally over." Press and media coverage has been on top of everything at the Big Pharma press release, and recently last week we caught wind of a strange admission from a inside source. Turns out, according to this assistant who will remain nameless, that many companies would never ever tell anyone how much money they put into clinical trials. "We have failed many times and spent millions of dollars, but it's all worth it when you find a cure such as this one." Explained the source.

This is the real magic, referring to the Striction BP pill. There is no single root cause of high blood pressure; instead, a combination of unalterable and modifiable risk factors all help contribute to the development of hypertension. Family history is a major cause of high blood pressure. Research from Johns Hopkins University estimated that between 35 and 65 percent of all hypertension instances are inherited. People with parents who developed high blood pressure before the age of 55 were found more likely to develop early hypertension. Age is also considered a cause of high blood pressure as it is often developed after age 55.


Big Hollywood has been hiding this permanent solution to overcoming the effects of high blood pressure with a simple process called “BP Optimization (Blood Pressure Optimization)”. The way to achieve it is through the powerful combination of 3 naturally sourced ingredients which can be found in Striction BP. Because the Big Pharmaceutical companies are set to lose billions of dollars from this new discovery, they are trying to silence anyone who knows of this cure.

The research also proved that the rapid HBP reduction associated with Striction BP is not the only benefit of taking this type of supplement. Unexpectedly the patients also dropped several pounds in body weight. Therefore, this domino effect can benefit an overweight hypertensive patient. 

So lets recap. Big Hollwood has announced a cure for high blood pressure this week but he told us that he will NOT be silenced by the big pharmaceutical companies. He would also be pushing forward to stop them from trying to take the Striction BP pill off the market. He admits it's going to be a tough fight, but it's imperative that the 29% of Americans with high blood pressure be allowed to live normal and healthy lives. We were so surprised by how shockingly simple, cheap, and effective his cure is, we had to test it ourselves and write a feature article on the results! Read on.


“Countless patients admit to beating blood pressure,
by taking this pill in only 24hours.”

Next we introduce the evidence of MIT scientist Peter Molnar: "We tested the Striction BP with almost 2000 subjects, over a 10 day period and the results were shocking...

Striction BP regulates the blood pressure of 97.6% of all participants while taking the pill, essentially curing them of the disease. We also witnessed some weight loss amongst 92.8% of the test subjects who took it."

We later found out that other Blood Pressure Companies were trying to silence the truth, that a solution was out there! They said these claims were completely bogus. They were threatened by this all-natural clinically proven blood pressure optimization pills, Striction BP. Big Pharma has since been criticized for delaying what is now known as ‘The Cure Of All Cures’ by big pharmaceutical companies who feel threatened about this recent discovery.

However, Big Pharma hit back by saying "the individuals who could really gain an advantage from this type of information are not just the ones in the elite class that can afford high costing medical treatments, but rather people like you and me." So why don't major pharmaceutical companies want you to know about this? Because the results say it all...

Striction BP is proven to work in 97.6% of cases and there are absolutely no harmful ingredients which will leave a huge hole in their profits. No wonder they are so worried about the effect to their bottom line!


So what is it?

"We stepped outside the traditional system to create a method to reverse the adverse effects on high blood pressure." says the institution that helped create the formulation. Striction BP has become known as the ‘most powerful high blood pressure cure on Earth’. Striction BP is the ONLY all-in-one supplement with all nine natural ingredients combined at ideal ratios to reverse pressure by normalizing blood pressure levels below dangerous levels, as confirmed in studies by renowned health research institutions such as UCLA in Los Angeles and Department of Physiology and Biophysics in Washington - HCA.


Striction BP, which has no recorded side effects in any trials, was soon the target of several major pharmaceutical companies who claimed it had no medical substance at all. "We'll see you in court." Striction BP firmly said down the barrel of the camera during a TV interview.


Striction BP.

"With this product, ridding yourself of high blood pressure has never been easier." Many Doctors agreed this is why Striction BP is so effective. It 's the only product on the market proven to work in 97.6% of the cases.



After several years and almost 2,000 trials at The Nottingham Clinical Trials Unit (NCTU), Striction BP pills are in production in full force. Take your recommended dose of pills per day and your blood pressure will be more consistent than the sun rising and setting, your fear of everything that comes with high blood pressure will be a thing of the past. You will become the perfect, healthy, and true version of yourself. It's only a matter of time before the Striction BP pills are dragged through the courts by the major pharmaceutical companies who are seeing a decline in their profits.





There are quite a number of celebrities who use this Pill to rid their bodies of high blood pressure and keep up with the hectic schedule of constant celebrity appearances and interviews, all while living a life of perfect social and professional balance. Many of Hollywood’s finest that have been reported to use the Striction BP to live a healthy life to deliver some of their best acting performances and screenplays.

"We tested it ourselves - is it all hype?"

With so much media praise and countless reviews of people experiencing success with Striction BP, we wanted to verify whether this was all hype. Every single patient who was suffering from HBP in our building volunteered to test it out but we chose our Senior Chief Editor Rose Frasier. Below is her account of using Striction BP over a 14 day period.


14 Day Summary - Rose's Striction BP Results:

Rose is a 49 year old professional, who had been clinically hypertense for over 13 years. "Striction BP pills were extremely hard to come by" says Rose. She goes on to say, "If you can get your hands on these pills - get them right away." We had to wait 2 weeks before we got a bottle to test as it was sold out almost everywhere or over $300 a bottle from people trying to sell it for profit on ebay. People were paying top dollar for them.

Here are her results....

Day 1:

After the first day of using Striction BP.


I took one and forgot all about it. Maybe 20-30 minutes later I felt strangely better. I also felt a little odd. I can only describe it by saying that it was easier to breathe somehow. I was walking to the shops and usually I would have been a bit dizzy with headache, and also would have had some nausea by that point, but I was absolutely fine. For a moment, if was like I never had high blood pressure at all. It was a feeling of hopefulness and happiness. Can’t exactly explain it - but it was awesome.


Day 5:

I was shocked at the drastic results.Over the course of the next 5 days I found myself bouncing out of bed and felt ready to take on the day - usually I need to hit the snooze button 3 times. I felt motivation like I had not felt in years. I had a more constant energy level, rather than feeling like a yoyo. I had also been able to sleep all night long!


day 14:

After 14 days, not only had all my doubts and scepticism absolutely vanished - My high blood pressure was completely cured, I was able to control my blood pressure and no longer needed to check it 10 times a day. I felt amazing.

My thoughts on Striction BP?
The pills are the real deal. I’ve tried so many other so called high blood pressure cures but this is by far the only thing on the market that actually works. I will definitely keep my recurring subscription of Striction BP to make sure I never run out as I hear very few people can get a hold of it. If you happen to come across these miracle pills, you can ignore them or you can spare 2 minutes and take what is the most important step in your life - to become high blood pressure free and the healthy, fit person you always wanted to be.


**Because of recent coverage in the media, supplies are running very low.
You can check to see if Striction BP is still available here**


One Month Later: Rose Can now live a normal, healthy and carefree life. Free from high blood pressure thanks to Striction BP



The Verdict:


The regular use of Striction BP has been clinically proven to

  • Effectively cure high blood pressure in 97.6% of cases
  • Promote healthy circulation
  • Support healthy blood vessels
  • Protect your entire cardiovascular system quickly, safely and naturally!
  • Proven formula
  • 307,000+ happy users to date


Should Striction BP be legal? YES...There are no side-effects, you will have normal blood pressure levels, with an added bonus of melting away unwanted and unhealthy fat and you will remember what it felt like to be a normal healthy person again.


Will This Work For You?

When Striction BP was originally banned a lot of people were angry. There were no side effects then and as it stands there are no side effects even with the stronger formula. That said, all our users followed the directions and had similar success rates as the medical trials performed by professional clinical labs.

Striction BP is the only pill of it’s kind which taken regularly removes the need for regular HBP pills. Normally the body gets used to most medications but throughout all trials all users made continued progress as the weeks went on.


Remember, you need to get these pills quickly, and keep in mind there are major shortages of Striction BP.

With regards to whether these should be legal? Yes they should. In fact, the truth is the ‘health and safety’ of the product was never a concern. Major competing companies created an uproar due to their heavily sinking profits when Striction BP started becoming widely used. Even more companies are joining in this time to stop production so we have no doubt that supply of Striction BP pills will be stopped once again.

Will YOU be one of the lucky few who have their hands on the next step of human evolution?


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  • Posted by Kathy | Verified Real

    This basically gives man super powers to overcome these debilitating diseases! Should this really be legal?!

    • Posted by Kathy | Verified Real

      All my friends with high blood pressure have taken these and say it's nothing short of amazing. Apart from regaining their health, they are much more fit as well.

  • Posted by Michael | Verified Real

    I saw this on the news a lot, about celebrities passing around these so called 'wonder pills' that cured high blood pressure and i'll admit, I thought it was B.S. until I tried it for myself. I am now completely high blood pressure free!

  • Posted by Corey | Verified Real

    I saw this on the news about the editor that had tried it. So good to see people getting their healthier lives back. I now take this everyday as well. These magical little pills have really changed my life.

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    My wife and I both needed to get our health back & I really want to increase my productivity at work because I need my much deserved promotion! And my wife needs more energy to look after our two beautiful children. Already ordered it and we are both going to try this out, thanks. The Higgins family

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    There is a big stir going on these days about Striction BP and my guess is it's not going to stop. I am seeing Striction BP all over. Thanks to the special offer you posted I saved over $112. Thanks for the links Doc!

  • Posted by Dan | Verified Real

    My brother has had trouble with his high blood pressure for 12 years now and the doctor told him that they really need to get him on daily pressure checks. I really hope this is the answer. Thank you guys.

  • Posted by Jordan | Verified Real

    How well does this stuff work for guys? I wouldn't mind buying my Dad these! My mate has these and says they worked for him but want to know what others think? Let me know please.

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      Hey, Jordan, I have these. use em everyday. love it. Literally changed my life. I bought 3 at once to make sure i don't run out.

    • Posted by Jordan | Verified Real

      Thanks! decent price for them. I bought 3!

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    I've been taking Striction BP for 3 months and feel awesome. The problem is you need to make sure you don't run out. I feel somewhat superhuman and don't want to lose that feeling!

  • Posted by Stephen

    I've been seeing Striction BP also. I even heard my best friend talking about this high blood pressure cure a few days ago since one of his friends started using it and was comparing it to a cancer cure! I definitely have to try this, thanks guys!.

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    Stoked! Finally a pill that I'm optimistic about. Ordered. Will report back! thanks.

  • Posted by Brian | Verified Real

    This stuff is amazing! My best friend James was swearing this stuff was the best thing since sliced bread.. i couldn't believe it and had to do some research on my own which is how I found this news article. I can't believe they are offering it this cheap! I know James spent something like $600 and was thrilled.. This is unreal, thanks so much guys!!

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    So many people on here are ordering more than one. Stop abusing it! Leave some for the rest of us!

  • Posted by Brandon | Verified Real

    A friend of mine tried Striction BP and recommended it to me 3 weeks ago. I ordered the product and received it within 3 days (although I didn’t get the discounted deal). The results have been incredible so far. I can't wait to see what weeks 3 and 4 bring.

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    It looks like the special discount is still working! Get em while you can.

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    stand by this pill. I tried Striction BP about a month ago and I can't say enough about it. This helped me gain the life back that i thought i had lost forever. It completely brought back joy in my life. (I have been waiting for something like this for a long time). I highly recommend this to ANYONE that's looking for a product that actually WORKS.

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    This kicked in after 5 days not 5 weeks. It was insanely good. I heard other people feel it after a few days as well...?

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